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Scissor Guy

Thank you!

Your support encourages my artistic creativity which allows me this outlet to share with others.

You Can Talk to Me

  • I’m a human being, not a machine
  • Safe for classroom overhead display and all teaching situations
  • Membership allows you to browse uninterrupted
  • Here improving pages and images nearly every day
  • Adding topics and images upon total whim and whimsy
  • Answering every single email inquiry personally
  • Special orders don’t upset me –
    • you have a need for an image – let me know, glad to help
    • If you find a lousy image here (sorry…there is a smattering and I’m getting there fast but…) let me know and I’ll fix it fast for you!
  • Your ideas will be assimilated and shared

Just like any great super hero, the Scissor Guy is my alter identity disguise.

Me, Myself and I
The real deal

I’ve changed a lot over the years.

This is the real me. A masterpiece in progress. Enjoy!