Paper Snowflakes

Easy Patterns for Beginners

Fun Patterns for Everyone

  • First Step for beginners – designs with easy folds and cut lines
  • Four sided doilies – basic square folds, but not true snowflake shapes
  • Math based – fun patterns using basic triangle, square and circle shapes
  • Forget me Not – special flakes for commemorative events or personal memories
  • Festive – holiday theme flakes
  • Intricate – hard to cut patterns
  • Fancy flakes – delicate flowery designs
  • Simple: one, two snip designs
  • Medium: requires skill with scissors, fun family fare
  • Impossible: Not for the faint of heart

Symmetry of Snowflakes

Make blizzards of perfectly natural looking snowflake keepsakes in less than 10 easy steps with easy to understand instructions.

Envision fluffy white crystals hanging from the office ceiling this Christmas and winter season.

  • Flowing from the rafters
  • drifting in the household air currents
  • dangling in sun-filled winter windows
  • While feverishly cutting perfect paper pretties

Create virtual winter cornucopias of festive holiday tree decorations while enjoying traditional and educational family oriented craft activities. Transform the office, classroom, Sunday school classroom, daycare center or home into a winter wonderland of crystalline castles and adventurous fun.

The Basics of Making Paper Snowflakes